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Main Cap Installation

Main Cap Installation

Main Caps plus Installation.

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The reason a four-bolt main cap is essential on some blocks is because in the 1970s, manufacturers were so concerned with weight and fuel efficiency that they lightened and windowed particular portions of engine blocks. Those changes made them weaker in those areas.

Unfortunately, those lightened areas in the block happen to be right where some four-bolt mains with non-angled bolts would be bolted-in. Adding a four-bolt main caps with angled bolts to these blocks can help make the entire block stronger.

ASS main bearing caps not only strengthen factory 2-bolt blocks, but they will also add a measurable degree of strength to 4-bolt blocks. They are made from precision-machined, high-strength steel, which has the proper balance of strength and flexibility to allow for the transfer of increased shock loads to the crank and bearings. The secret is in the side bolts. They are angled so that they pull from the side walls of the block and not from the flimsy main web area. They’ll also load the cap against the register step, which will prevent dreaded “cap walk.” They can be installed by anyone with a hand drill and a tap and they come with the necessary bolts, washers, and drill bushing to complete the installation main cap kits are available in your choice of angled or straight bolts.

The bottom line is this: the bottom end of an engine needs to be strong for a high-performance powerplant. A good set of aftermarket main caps can add this strength and reliability to the block. With big power-adders and 1,000-plus-horsepower engines becoming more and more of the norm, utilizing well-manufactured, correctly machined, and properly installed main caps can ensure your inside parts stay on the inside under any operating conditions.

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