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Super Flow Engine Dyno

Super Flow Engine Dyno

Engine Dyno Endurance Testing

Original Price: $599.00

You probably already know what it means to dyno test an engine. In short, you power up the engine and add a controlled amount of resistance. From the test, a dynamometer measures your engine’s force, torque, and horsepower. Depending on your career or hobby, these are significant numbers.

But is finding out how many horses you have under the hood the only reason to dyno test an engine? Absolutely not. There are solid, practical reasons to dyno test an engine, bragging rights aside.

A dyno test will give you details about each test, weather conditions on the day of testing, and graphs of your engine’s performance. You can compare your personal performance experiences with the dyno numbers so you can make future adjustments or modifications.

Additional information from the test can indicate both torque and peak torque, plus horsepower, volume metric efficiency, the temperatures of the cylinders and pistons, airflow — I.e., measurements of virtually every engine function.

The computerized dynamometer provides accurate torque and RPM numbers. And then it can accurately measure horsepower. Whoever is tuning your engine now has a basis for changing the engine’s tuning, or they might even recommend changing the engine itself.

These are some of the variables that can be tuned using this method:

Intake manifold selection
Ignition timing and advance curve
Primary tube diameter and length for the headers
Carburetor spacers
Cam grind and timing
Carburetor size and jetting

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