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Ck21 Cylinder Honing

Ck21 Cylinder Honing

Ck21 Cylinder Honing

Original Price: $500.00

Honing is the ultra-precise bore machining process trusted by job shops and manufacturers to create parts that perform at the highest levels of speed, reliability and efficiency. No boring or grinding process is capable of delivering such precise levels of roundness, straightness and surface geometry at a lower cost per part.

Honing uses a set of engineered abrasive stones arranged around a tool or mandrel. The tool spins as it is stroked in and out of the bore, while at the same time the abrasive stones are expanded against the wall of the bore. Together these rotational and reciprocal movements grind away at the interior surface of the bore to achieve precise bore geometry and surface finish.

Improve roundness and straightness
Satisfy even the most demanding requirements for size and surface finish
Deliver improved performance between mating parts
Provide consistent, repeatable and efficient production on the shop floor

Fully computerized control
Two-stage honing cycle
Precise geometry
Fast stock removal
Improved surface finish
SizeLoc (locks in diameter for automatic bore-sizing)

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