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Align Honing Main Tunnel

Align Honing Main Tunnel

Align Honing Main Tunnel

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Line boring — sometimes called “align” boring — is an engine machining process that establishes perfectly straight bores for crankshaft and camshaft housings (also known as tunnels or saddles). It is the most essential step in “blue-printing” an engine block.

The most common reason for align honing is to compensate for variations in housing-bore diameter, which directly affects bearing clearance. A simple align hone will bring all the bores to within a few ten-thousandths of an inch of the desired spec.

Minimum stock removal, usually less than .003″ (.076 mm) off the caps compared to as much as .010″ (.254 mm) with boring
Maximum precision, corrects distortion caused by warpage and cap stretch
Meets or exceeds original factory accuracy for alignment, roundness and size

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