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Procharger 2005-2010 300C 5.7 Kit

Procharger 2005-2010 300C 5.7 Kit

2005-2010 300C Procharger Superchargers

Original Price: $6,850.00

The ProCharger HO Intercooled System is available for 5.7L HEMI-equipped 300s. Owners can expect horsepower gains of approximately 110-130 horsepower with a ProCharged 5.7L HEMI (130+ hp with 2009-10 5.7L VCT engines). Designed around the patented and proven, self-contained ProCharger P-1SC-1 supercharger, the HO Intercooled system features a reliable, “shared-drive” design, a highly efficient 3-core air-to-air intercooler, a beautiful “from the factory look”, OEM-quality mounting brackets and all necessary supercharger and intercooler tubes for installation. ProCharger systems for the 300C utilize Diablosport® flash tuning systems to upload the ProCharger tune.

When it comes to reliable, proven and powerful forced-air induction systems for modern EFI HEMI engines, ProCharger is literally years ahead of others. With designs that are far superior to other systems, ProCharger HEMI 300 systems feature a visually appealing “from the factory” look and come with a standard 3-year warranty on the intercooler and 1-year warranty on the supercharger (Optional 3-year supercharger warranty is available). ProCharger supercharger systems feature easy installation with minimal relocation of components – no need for external oil feed and return lines and avoids the complexity and maintenance issues of an air-to-water-to-air intercooler configurartion.

Bolt on and additional 110-130 hp while using pump gas for perfect everyday drivability. Want more power for your upgraded engine? No worries with the Procharger as we have options to force feed your need for speed!

Complete kits utilize the P-1SC-1 Supercharger and air to air intercooler with tune set at 7lbs of  boost.


The following system meets California emissions regulations and is available for street use.

2005-2008 Chrysler 300C R/T (5.7L)
Description Hp Gain Max Boost Part # EO #
HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1 supercharger 110-130+ 7 psi 1DE314-SCI-5.7 D-365-7

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