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Harrop Engineering

Harrop Engineering

Mustang Superchargers

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A privately-owned Australian company founded in 1955, the Harrop brand has always been synonymous with performance automotive products. Born from innovative designs combined with on-track success, Harrop has earned a reputation that has the company held in high regard by international motorsport teams and the aftermarket industry. Harrop is proud to have played a part in the success of global racing teams over the past 40 years, which is a tribute to the precision and design of the performance products the company has manufactured and continues to supply.

With core products established during the early years in Brakes, Drivetrain and Engine components, the introduction of Eaton as a technical partner in 2004 saw the addition of Supercharger technology to Harrop’s product inventory. The same quality, precision engineering and durability has seen Harrop grow to be an OE supplier and the enviable position of being much more than just an aftermarket Supercharger specialist.

To complement the Engineering capabilities, Harrop Casting Technologies is a 28,000 sq ft Australian foundry that specialises in production manufacturing of Non-Ferrous castings. This allows Harrop to strictly maintain the quality level of the base product before machining and production at the Harrop state of the art facility in Melbourne, Australia. Both facilities are accredited to world class standards with Harrop’s AS9100 quality assurance system.

Having recently opened a R&D and warehouse facility in Dayton Ohio, the Harrop team is continually driven by quality and performance, and is committed to improving the safety, reliability and durability of its engineering products to the global marketplace.

Since 1985, Eaton has been producing Supercharger rotating groups to boost performance from automotive engines and Harrop has been an integral technical partner on this journey after being announced as a licensed master distributor for Eaton in 2007. Harrop is the only company outside the US that is licensed to utilise Eaton technology to manufacture Positive Displacement Superchargers and Traction Control Products for low volume applications. The resulting Harrop series of TVS Superchargers showcases unique design characteristics that sees them as world leading in performance and durability.

The TVS™ supercharger’s patented design features twin four-lobe rotors with 160-degree twist (410, 900, 1320, 1900 and 2300 sizes) and 170-degree twist in the new 2650.  The high-flow inlet and outlet ports have been redesigned to greatly enhance thermal efficiency, deliver higher volumetric capacity and enable higher operating speeds of up to 24,000rpm. The TVS™ supercharger is capable of running with a high thermal efficiency (up to 76 percent) across a wider operating range, whilst having improved noise and vibration characteristics to eliminate additional noise-reduction treatments, complexity and system cost. Additionally, the Harrop supercharger incorporates a bypass system to reduce air handling losses when boost is not required, resulting in better fuel economy.

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