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Super StreetFighter 5R55S 2005-10 Mustang Lock-Up (4.0L, 4.6L)

Super StreetFighter 5R55S 2005-10 Mustang Lock-Up (4.0L, 4.6L)

Super StreetFighter™ 5R55S Transmission '05-'10 Mustang (4.0L, 4.6L)

Part number (SKU): 571000

Brand: TCI Automotive TCI Automotive

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Original Price: $3,813.47


Until now, owners of late model Ford Mustangs had little choice with regards to a transmission that could withstand the additional stress commonly found when incorporating power adder components. TCI® is proud to be the only manufacturer of a high performance 5R55S transmission for the ‘05-’10 Ford Mustang GT. This Super StreetFighter™ Automatic Transmission is rated to handle up to 1025 horsepower and is a direct bolt-in replacement for your factory unit.

The TCI® Super StreetFighter™ Ford 5R55S Transmission features new aftermarket clutch material, an increased number of clutches, new bands with exclusive linings and heat-treated struts, as well as billet aluminum servos to provide bulletproof reliability. These customized internal components produce improved clutch and band apply and clamping force, shift firmness and feel, more efficient hydraulic circuitry and extended transmission life for street and race vehicles. Install the Super StreetFighter™ 5R55S with a TCI® torque converter for the most powerful and dependable drivetrain available for late model, high horsepower Mustangs.

  • Improved shift firmness, feel and efficiency
  • Handles up to 1025 HP!
  • Improved shifting over OEM
  • Features new aftermarket clutch material and increased number of clutches

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