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Super Dirt Modified Big Block Series Engine

Super Dirt Modified Big Block Series Engine

467Ci Dirt Modified Series Engine Arrington Champion Power

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Engine Max displacement 467ci
Fuel System Carburetor only—four-barrel Holley 950-1,050 cfm
Horsepower 800+
Compression Ratio 13-14.5:1
Rpm 7,000- 8,300
Speed Approximately 160 mph (at New York State Fairground at Syracuse, NY)
Powertrain Two-speed transmission—one reverse quick-change rearend
Lubrication System Beltdriven dry-sump (approximately 13 qts. )
Fuel VP fuels racing gasoline
Wheelbase 106-110 inches
Tread Width 74-inches min. to 86-inches max.
Weight 2,500-pounds min., with driver
Chassis Fabricated chassis—1018, 1020 steel
Suspension Mostly torsion bar rear—coil spring (coilover) front
Ground Clearance Approximately 5-inches front, 6-inches rear frame heights
Minimum Ground Clearance 21/2-inches
Tire Brand Hoosier
Right Rear Tire Circumference 921/2-inches
Wheels Aluminum (bead lock)
Steering System Power steering (worm and sector)
Brakes Four wheel hydraulic disc brakes (no power assist)

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