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Arrington SS Aluminum Stud Girdle Upgrade

Arrington SS Aluminum Stud Girdle Upgrade

Stud Girdle Upgrade for your LS or LT engine

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Original Price: $675.00


All cad-cam designed, the LSX engine main girdle increases block rigidity and torsional stiffness, it achieves this by boxing in the main caps. The lsx main engine will not let your block twist under load, girdled engines maintain block rigidity. Engines that use lsx engine main girdle make more power, by decreasing friction in the piston area. The increases in horsepower and torque are achieved by decreasing the bending moments and shear stresses experienced by all high performance engines. The lsx engine main girdle also adds horsepower by completely blocking windage, also the notches on the girdle effectively act as an oil scapper, thus reducing the rods rotating mass. Windage blocking devices are proven to provide 15 horspower. Oil scraper’s have also proven to give another 15 horsepower, this girdle adds somewhere between 10 to 20 horsepower on the conservative side, although can be significantly higher depending on how much your block deflects without a girdle installed, so in other words if you are making big power without a girdle the deflection robs you of your horspower. The LSX engine main girdle will stabilize the bottom end of the cylinder block by evenly distributing the load across the mains, this product also keeps your bore nice and square, thus the friction in the bore is substantially less than a non girdled engine. The lsx engine girdle will virtually eliminate main cap walk, all LS based engines experience main cap walk, and it’s this sea-sawing action that wreaks havoc on your bearings, especially the thrust bearing. The lsx engine girdle eliminates main cap walk by locking the main caps in place. No longer do you have to run an expensive C5R race block or go to a heavy iron block. Engines that run the girdle make more power and last years longer than engines without it. The lsx girdle will clear up to a 4.000 inch stroke with out modification and best of all the girdle is a complete bolt on. The standard lsx girdle has been tested up to 1200 horsepower.

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