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Engine Start Up Oil Protection Fluid Kit

Engine Start Up Oil Protection Fluid Kit

Engine Start Up Oil Protection Fluid Kit

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High zinc motor oil usually refers to street or racing oils that have a higher concentration of zinc and phosphorus-based additives, not zinc alone. Normally used in synthetic oil, compounds like zinc di-thiophosphate (ZDTP) have been used as anti-wear additives for many years. Many similar additives are also used in conventional motor oil, in order to enhance lubrication qualities with the help of ingredients such as molybdenum and boron.

Despite the fact that boron-based additives have come to rival some zinc motor oil additives since the limitations imposed by API on zinc and phosphorus usage, the latter are still the best when it comes to dry start protection and a host of other advantages. Zinc and phosphorus are added mainly to improve surface protection, having the important role of protecting major engine components from wear and oxidation, and removing the likelihood of solid deposits. Zinc is also known to offer extreme pressure protection, and to protect components made from ferrous materials from corrosion. As the oil thickens as a result of extreme heat, it gradually thickens, forming deposits of varnish which prevent oxidation from even occurring.

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