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Pontiac G8 Holden Commodore VE

Pontiac G8 Holden Commodore VE

2008-2009 Pontiac G8 / 2014-2017 Chevy SS / 2006-2017 Holden Commodore VE / VF (Including the Ute) Manual 9-Inch Direct Bolt-in Rear Conversion Kit -includes Axles, Hubs, and Driveshaft

Part number (SKU): GM9-2M-HD

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Original Price: $6,229.59


The Drive Shaft shop is proud to announce the release of the new Generation V2 Pontiac G8 / / Chevy SS / Holden Commodore VE / VF 9″ Rear Conversion Kit. Modeled after the same guidelines that have taken the nastiest IRS cars in the world to the 8,7 and now 6 second range, this street car friendly kit has race car capable capacity and pedigree.

The foundation begins with our Pro-Formed steel housing, positioned by SuperPro Purple Bushings and our proprietary brackets unique to each application. Although it looks like a completely fabricated piece, it is bent and welded as little as possible. Coupled with our 4” Aluminum or optional Carbon Fiber Driveshaft and Pro-Level Axles and Hubs, this package is good for well over 1400+ HP.

Center section options include a Strange Aluminum Bolt-Thru case with your choice of 33 or 35 spline Spool or WaveTrac differential.

Kit Includes:
1. Powdercoated Pro-Formed Differential Housing
2. DSS front brackets with SuperPro Purple bushings.
3. Differential stubs with O-Ring bushings and double seals rated for 1800HP
4. DSS 1400HP axles with 30 spline center shafts and REM polished CV internals.
5. DSS 33 Spline Outer Hubs
6. Driveshaft options (all come with custom billet plates, please click link to see why)
7. All necessary hardware needed to complete the installation

The DSS 9″ kits are designed for use with the Strange center section and 5-bolt pinion support. If you are using a center section from a different manufacturer, modifications may be necessary and you are on your own. We cannot guarantee fitment for any center section other than the Strange 5-bolt unit.

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