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Eliminator Fuel pump Kit Camaro Stealth Kit

Eliminator Fuel pump Kit Camaro Stealth Kit

Eliminator fuel pump ki Camaro Stealth Kit

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Original Price: $1,100.00


Similar to the successful Corvette Stealth System, the new Camaro System is a complete drop-in single fuel pump assembly for 2010 and later Camaros. The system provides a single A1000 or Eliminator Fuel Pump capable of supporting big HP. The best part, it drops right into your factory tank. It still incorporates the factory jet siphon system, includes an integral 100-micron pre-pump filter and an ORB-08 return line port. Now with a true return-style system into your Camaro, you can support the power your making without the worry of the siphon system and while maintaining your factory fuel tank.

Fits 2010 (5th gen) and later Camaros
ORB-08 outlet and return port
Incorporates factory jet siphon system and sending unit
Includes an integrated 100-Micron Stainless Steel pre-pump filter
Utilizes the factory tank, o-ring, lock ring and mounting location
This product is not legal for sale or use on emission-controlled vehicles except when used as a direct replacement part matching OEM specifications.
Includes everything necessary to install the pump into your tank. 18674 – Eliminator Camaro Stealth Kit
Supports up to 1900 HP – naturally aspirated (EFI)
Supports up to 1400 HP – forced air induction (EFI) For Eliminator (P/N 11104)

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