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BluePrint Engines Chrysler 408 C.I.D. Small Block

BluePrint Engines Chrysler 408 C.I.D. Small Block

BluePrint Engines Chrysler 408 C.I.D. BPC4085CTCD

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Original Price: $8,200.00


BluePrint Engines Chrysler 408 c.i.d. 465 hp crate engines sound and run better. BluePrint Engines use an advanced computerized balancer to get their rotating assemblies within 2 grams, ensuring silky smooth power over the entire rpm range. They also include a comprehensive, dyno-generated printout showing the critical specs. No more guessing what your installed engine’s real-world peak horsepower and torque ratings are.


  • Valve covers, oil pan and timing cover, Standard Rotation, Drive side inlet water pump and timing cover, plugs, wires, distributor, waterneck, thermostat, fuel pump and fuel line, harmonic balancer, air cleaner.
    Dyno test results shipped with engine

Features, items, and specs:

* Available in 3 levels of dress: Long block base, fully dressed, and drop-in-ready
* Long block base model includes oil pan, timing cover, and valve covers
* Fully dressed model includes long block components, plus carburetor, intake manifold, distributor, and harmonic balancer installed
* Drop-in-ready model includes fully dressed components, plus water pump, air cleaner, spark plugs, and spark plug wires
* Aluminum cylinder heads: 58cc chamber; 2.02 in. intake/1.60 in. exhaust valves; 176cc intake/75cc exhaust runners
* Roller cam: .580 intake; .577 exhaust; 235 intake/242 exhaust duration at .050–110 degree lobe separation
* Cast steel crankshaft: 4.000 in stroke; OEM-type 6.123 in. connecting rods with 150,000 psi bolts; forged pistons; external balance
* Hand-picked, seasoned block: Square and parallel decked with precision-machined and sonic-tested cylinders, 2-bolt main, 4.000 in bored and .040 in. over, 2-piece rear main seal, and mechanical pump provision
* 34 degrees total at 4,000 rpm ignition timing
* Brass freeze plugs
* Recommended fuel: 91 octane

WARRANTY: 30 month / 50,000 mile

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