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Alum Pro Action 23 deg chevy Head

Alum Pro Action 23 deg chevy Head

Pro Action 23 Degree SBC 180cc Bare Aluminum Cylinder Head

Part number (SKU): 12053

Dimensions: 7 x 9 x 22.5 cm

Weight: 23.56

Brand: RHS RHS

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Original Price: $688.16


Advanced port/runner/chamber design and modified water jacket for improved durability, optimal performance and added reliability. Standard features include multi-angle intake and radiused exhaust valve seats for up to 5% more flow than the competition. Select from 180cc, 200cc, 220cc and 235cc intake runners with 64cc or 72cc combustion chambers to fit your exact needs.as castor fully assembled with premium COMP Cams components.

This Pro Action SBC aluminum head is pre-assembled with COMP Cams valve train components to support up to .600 valve lift for hydraulic roller camshafts and features 180cc runner, 64cc combustion chamber and angle spark plug orientation.

These heads deliver significant gains in both power and torque for all Small Block Chevrolet applications right out of the box. Pro Action SBC Aluminum Cylinder Heads are the perfect choice for a variety of performance engines, including street rod, muscle car, oval track and drag racing applications. Standard features include a multi-angle Serdi valve job and the choice of a straight or angle plug configuration. Valve springs up to 1.550″ and all standard rocker arms and valve train components are accepted.

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