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5.7 Manley Performance Hemi Stroker Kit

5.7 Manley Performance Hemi Stroker Kit

Manley 5.7L Hemi Stroker Kit to 6.4L

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Original Price: $3,018.00


4340 Forged Stroker Crankshaft and Connecting Rods with 2618 Forged Pistons will turn your 5.7L Hemi into a 6.4L

4.050 Stroke Crank

3.917 Bore

6.125  H Beam Rod

Manley stroker rotating assembly kits provide the key internal components for an engine builder to complete a short block with a particular displacement target in mind.
Note: Still requires a compatible engine block, block prep, boring, honing, crank balancing (optional), and assembly and testing. NOT a drop-in.

Increase the displacement of your 5.7L powered Dodge Challenger RT, Charger, Magnum, or Chrysler 300c with a Manley Performance HEMI 392 stroker kit. This 5.7 to 392 / 6.4L conversion has been dyno-proven to increase torque and horsepower to put a smile on your face and better time slips at the track!

The stock timing crank gear may need to be chamfered to clear the larger radius on the snout of the crankshaft

Note: All 2012 and earlier 58 tooth reluctor wheels have a tooth width of .170″. All 2013 and later 58 tooth reluctor wheels have a tooth width of .130″ along with a dimple in the rear face of the wheel.

Note: Manley crankshafts are not intended for use with highly boosted roots style cog belt superchargers.

*Note: When installing these crankshafts in a VVT engine, you also need to order a crankshaft gear spacer part number 42000.
** These cranks are not balanced and have non-drilled counterweights

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