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385HP Arrington Speed Sport Marine Engine

385HP Arrington Speed Sport Marine Engine

Arrington Specialty Marine 385 HP Engine

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Original Price: $6,700.00


Boost the power and performance of your Boat with this kicking ASS Ford Engine. It has good boating manners and the 385 horsepower will never leave you craving for more power. This Marine engine comes assembled and includes cylinder heads, oil pan, valve covers and timing cover bolt on your Marine accessories, these engine are based on your core

Horsepower: 385
Torque: 410 lb/ft
Block: Seasoned OE Roller Block
Bore/Stroke: 4.040 x 3.500
Displacement: 351 C.I.D.
Crankshaft: OE Ford Cast 3.500″ Stroke 1 Piece Seal Externally Balanced 28oz
Connecting Rods: OE Steel 5.955″ Stock Bolts
Pistons: Hypereutectic Flat Top
Piston Rings: Moly Rings
Compression Ratio: 9.:8:1 Compression
Camshaft: Hydraulic Roller
Camshaft Specifications: 220/224 @050 .512in/.512ex 112LSA
Camshaft Bearings: Installed & Clocked to OEM Position
Cylinder Heads: Dart Pro 1 aluminum 58cc/170cc 2.02/1.60
Freeze Plugs: Brass Installed & Sealed
Rocker Arms: Billet Aluminum 1.6 Full Roller
Oil Galley Plugs: Installed & Sealed
Oil Pan: OE 5qt. Front Sump
Weight: 350

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