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2″ Dominator Hi-Flow Carburetor Spacer

2″ Dominator Hi-Flow Carburetor Spacer

Dominator 2 ich Hi Flow spacers available in STD and light weight versions 2.150 and 2.200 bores diameters.

Part number (SKU): UPM-DOM-2CL-2.200

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Original Price: $170.00


Our billet shear plates are designed to increase the performance of engines with tunnel ram style manifolds. They are machined from billet 6061-T6 aircraft alloy. Our manifold shear plate with its sharp stepped design breaks up fuel droplets and is offered in both an open and clover leaf patterns. When using our cloverleaf model the same diffusion effect takes place as with our Hi-Flow spacers and seems out perform the open stepped design on smaller displacement engines. Engines with a lot of duration tend to have a lot of interference between cylinders in the intake manifold increasing the possibility of reversion. Using our carburetor shear plate in conjunction with our manifold Shear plate will greatly reduce reversion back through the carburetor; increase fuel atomization in the manifold and helps the air flow more efficiently to the runners. We also offer these shear plates for split dominator setups. Split Dominator components are individually priced.

There are many manufacturers producing open design carburetor spacers today many of which do little other than increase plenum volume. The plenum volume effects the wave actions in the manifold also know as ram charging. Changes to this wave action may or may not result in an increase in performance based on the characteristics of your engine. However a properly designed carburetor spacer can perform other functions that will increase power regardless of the particular characteristics of the engine. Air flows poorly over sharp edges, which is why carburetors have a radius at the entry of each barrel. But air also has problems exiting through a hole with sharp edges ie the carburetor base plate. By adding one of our Hi-Flow spacers to this system the air may diffuse outward instead of traveling in a straight path. This effectively reduces the exit losses of the airflow through each barrel allowing any given carburetor to flow more air. Our Hi-Flow spacers also help the airflow turn into the runners. The diffusion action gradually increases the cross-sectional area of each barrel therefore the flow must slow down. This reduction in velocity decreases the kinetic energy of the flow and makes it easier for it to change direction. With the Hi-Flow spacer the air temporarily slows entering the plenum turns and accelerates down the runner. With no spacer the airflow crashes into the manifold floor loses all of its velocity and drops much of its fuel out in the process.

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