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GM LT Engine Street Stage One

GM LT Engine Street Stage One

Arrington SS LT 6.2 Engine Stage 1

Ask about our life time guarantee engine refresh, At Arrington SS we pride our workmanship on the race wins of our establishments has achieve over 3 decades, with the new Lt1 engine stage1 is camshaft tuned for the mild street enthusiast that wants more from the STD LT engine configuration offered by GM. Complete ready to install to bolt your engine accessories to the new engine combination. We can also service your engine of the same upgrades ask in store for more details.

The result is more power with greater efficiency than any previous Small-Block engine! Chevrolet Performance’s new LT1 crate engine – offered with a wet-sump or dry-sump oiling system – is rated at either 455 or 460 horsepower and 455 lb-ft 465 lb-ft of torque respectively. A controller specially designed for retrofit applications is available. Using the specified controller retains the operation of all the advanced technology features

Engine Specification Dyno Tested ready To Go $9600.00

Engine Block: Cast Aluminum CNC Ported
Cylinder Heads: Cast Aluminum
Crank Shaft: Forged Steel
Connecting Rod Type: Forged Rod bolt up grade
Piston Type: Hypereutectic
Camshaft Type: Arrington SS stage 1
Cam spec: 212 / 228@50
Compression Ratio: 10.4.1
Horsepower: 470
Torque: 465
Street Performance Yes
Drag Racing Club Racing
Dirt Racing No
Normally Aspirated Yes
Turbo Application No
Supercharged application Yes
Main Stud girdle None Option
Rockers assembly Roller
Pushrods Std
Reluctor wheel 58X
Balanced Internal
Max Rpm 6800
Fuel Grade Premium
Wet sump Yes
Dry sump No