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GM LT Engine Drag Racing Super Street

GM LT Engine Drag Racing Super Street

LT Engine Drag Racing Super Street

Arrington SS force fed LT engine, Up TO 454cu built with all forged internals for your street car weapon . Piston oil squirters are retained with the custom Crank and custom Pistons and Connecting Rods. Top end performance and durability is enhanced by upgrades to the CNC ported heads all done at Arrington SS. Every engine component is inspected of its manufacturing process for it intent of use. All engines come dyno tested and ready to install.

LT Drag Race Engine Specifications

Displacement Up to 454Cu
Power Output (HP) Over 1200 HP
Compression Ratio 10.5:1
Max RPM 7600
Port Configuration Gen V LT1
Block: GM Gen V LT1 6.2L Aluminum Arrington SS machines
Crankshaft: GM Gen V LT1 w/ LME Blueprinting
Connecting Rods: Arrington SS design w/ ARP 2000 7/16" Bolts
Pistons: Forged Nitrous w/ Gas Ports
Ring Pack: NPR Stainless Top (for high heat applications) Napier Second, 3mm Oil
Bearings: Clevite H-Series Main & Rods, Dura Bond One Piece Cam Bearing
Main Studs ARP Main Studs
Cylinder Heads Arrington CNC Ported & Prepared GM Gen V LT1 359 CFM Int. / 271 CFM Exh.
Valves: 2.125" GM Stainless Hollow Stem Intake 1.590" Rev Stainless Exhaust
Valve Springs: Polished Dual Valve Springs, Titanium Retainers
Camshaft Arrington Custom Billet Core
Bore Spec
Stroke Spec
Camshaft Type: Hydraulic Roller
Oil System Type Wet or Dry Sump
Fuel Type: 93 Octane Gasoline
Timing Chain: Arrington SS spec
Lifters GM LS7 Hyd. Roller Lifters w/ GM Lifter Trays
Push Rods: Arrington Design Series-5 11/32" X .120" Wall
Rocker Arms: GM LT1 w/ Trunion Modification
Head Studs: ARP 12pt.
Head Gaskets: GM LT1 MLS
Oil Pump: GM LT1
Timing Cover: GM LS1 w/ Seals and Cam Sensor
Valley Cover: M LT1
Oil Pan: Select From Options
Rear Cover: GM LT 1
Balancer ATI SFI w/ ARP Bolt