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CNC Head For Ford 9 deg Billet Short Track And off Road

CNC Head For Ford 9 deg Billet Short Track And off Road

Ford 9 deg Billet Short Track And Off Road

The demand for more power in a racing engine is never ending. The best area to search for power in the past has traditionally been the cylinder head. The problem is many castings have reached their developmental limit. Power levels have also grown so high that castings no longer can stand the temperatures and pressures involved for very long, having to be replaced every few races. In some applications castings are not stiff enough to resist flexing and lifting!! So Don Losito thought it was necessary to start from a clean slate, from a stronger material with unlimited options. With the capabilities of Ultra Pro Machining’s 5-Axis CNC machines a cylinder head made from one solid aluminum billet with a complete water jacket was possible.


Key Features

  • Intake Valve size 2.180
  • Exhaust valve size 1.625
  • Intake port volume 285cc
  • Exhaust volume 15cc
  • Over 415 CFM in air flow @.8 inch of lift

Product Specification

Intake Gasket 0.39",0.47",0.060",0.125",0.188"
Exhaust Gasket Available From Ultra Pro Machining
Head Studs Avaliable From ARP
Lifters Intake 0.150" Offset
Push Rods 1/2" Intake 5/8" Exhaust
Rocker Arms Available from T&D Machine and Jesel valvetrain
9 Degree Valve Length 5.950" Intake 5.600 Exhaust
D3 Valve Length 6.000" Intake 5.6000" Exhaust
Valve Stem Diameter 7mm to 11/32"
Valve Guides Manganese Bronze
Valve Seats Beryllium Copper or Ductile Iron
Valve Seat Angles 50° or 55°
Weight 36 Pounds