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CNC D3 Billet Ford Small CI Drag Race

CNC D3 Billet Ford Small CI Drag Race

Ford D3 Billet Small Cubic inch Drag Race

Intake Valve size 2.180

Exhaust valve size 1.625

Intake port volume 290cc

Exhaust volume 150cc

Over 415 CFM intake air flow @0.8 inch of lift

Product Specification

Intake Gasket 0.39",0.47",0.060",0.125",0.188"
Exhaust Gasket Available From Ultra Pro Machining
Head Studs Available From ARP
Lifters Intake 0.150" Offset
Push Rods 1/2" Intake 5/8" Exhaust
Rocker Arms Avaliable from T&D Machine and Jesel valvetrain
Spark Plug 3/4" Reach 14mm/td>
9 Degree Valve Length 5.950" Intake 5.600 Exhaust
D3 Valve Length 6.000" Intake 5.6000" Exhaust
Valve Stem Diameter 7mm to 11/32"
Valve Guides Maganese Bronze
Valve Seats Beryllium Copper or Ductile Iron
Valve Seat Angles 50° or 55°
Weight 36 Pounds