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CNC D3 Billet Ford Drag Race

CNC D3 Billet Ford Drag Race

Ford 9 deg Billet Drag Race

Intake Valve size 2.200

Exhaust valve size 1.625

Intake port volume 290cc

Exhaust volume 150cc

Over 435 CFM in air flow @.8 inch of lift

Product Specification

Intake Gasket 0.39",0.47",0.060",0.125",0.188"
Exhaust Gasket Avaliable From Ultra Pro Machining
Head Studs Avaliable From ARP
Lifters Intake 0.150" Offset
Push Rods 1/2" Intake 5/8" Exhaust
Rocker Arms Avaliable from T&D Machine and Jesel valvetrain
9 Degree Valve Length 5.950" Intake 5.600 Exhaust
D3 Valve Length 6.000" Intake 5.6000" Exhaust
Valve Stem Diameter 7mm to 11/32"
Valve Guides Maganese Bronze
Valve Seats Beryllium Copper or Ductile Iron
Valve Seat Angles 50° or 55°
Weight 36 Pounds