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Chassis Dyno Service

Chassis Dyno Service

Arrington Speed Sport Chassis Dyno Service

At Arrington Speed Sport our Dyno jet Chassis Engine testing labs available at any time, from full engine break in to Horsepower Hero Runs or simply calibrating your induction system or complete exhaust system tuning for the best performance and durability for your engine combination in car experience, with our ongoing research and development of the quest of power Joey Arrington and his certified team Members are sure to give you the best knowledge in the performance industry.

Book your next Chassis Dyno on line to save and receive the great service that our race team do exclusively! Group Member Car Clubs welcome

About The Arrington Speed Sport Chassis Dyno Service

Our Dyno Jet Chassis Dyno is the industry standard and is used for engine calibration for the research and development of NASCAR teams for many tracks raced on today, be sure that the engine is in good company when being tested.

Our calibrations have been proven beyond doubt that endurance is the key in offering our Arrington SS life time refresh guarantee in our own engine building program.

All car club events welcome Look out for our Arrington’s track attack days. Be part of our Horsepower heroes